Album: Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

Album: Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

Artist: Radiohead

Album: A Moon Shaped Pool

Release Date: 08.05.16

Radiohead don't just produce beautifully crafted music, they manipulate sounds to tug on each and every emotion, leading you down a winding path that it's next to impossible to dismount.

Each and every Radiohead track has it's own heartbeat, emotions and mood. In their 2016 Album, A Moon Shaped Pool released on May 8th, the band has once again left me in limbo between tearful, happy, angry and darn right confused. It's a lot like falling in love. And I have totally fallen head over heels for this spectacular album.

Track List
Burn the Witch – 3:40
Daydreaming – 6:24
Decks Dark – 4:41
Desert Island Disk – 3:44
Ful Stop – 6:07
Glass Eyes – 2:52
Identikit – 4:26
The Numbers – 5:45
Present Tense – 5:06
Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief – 5:03
True Love Waits – 4:43
Radiohead Burn the Witch Dolls
The album begins with Burn the Witch, a track that bursts into energy but has an underlying sense of dread throughout. In truth, each track of A Moon Shaped Pool evokes a different feeling, usually along the lines of jealousy, hatred, fear and love. It’s deep and meaningful upon analysis.

Long-term Radiohead artist Stanley Donwood created the albums artwork but what makes A Moon Shaped Pool’s artwork so unique is that canvases were left outside during storms and extreme weather. Take a second look at the artwork; it’s obvious now isn’t it.

And in your life, there comes the darkness…

In Summary, it sums up everything about this album. It’s a blend of creative ideas and experiments, from the artwork to each individual track. Radiohead have thrown deep and relatable emotions into a blender with unique sounds and beats and spiced it up with emotional lyrics for a rollercoaster of an album. But I like rollercoasters.

Radiohead is certainly not for everyone but for most who take the time to truly listen, they will find a band that they can truly resonate with. To an “outsider” many of the band’s songs may seem somewhat gloomy. But that’s the great thing about Radiohead – Songs that sound sad are actually hopeful and songs that seem uplifting actually capture a feeling of uncertainty.

Radiohead will be touring throughout 2017. I’ll be seeing them at Manchester in July. Wow I am excited.




+ A beautiful rendition of True Love Waits
+ Each track feels different

Let Downs:

– Dragged out Outros

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